Choosing a Virtual mannequin is only part of the process, therefore  VM Solutions offers a complete service

  • Model Sourcing – We have an extensive range of models from all ethnic backgrounds.
  • Script Writing  - Depending on the location and purpose of the Virtual Mannequin, we can help you produce the right message, with the right impact which will deliver the right result
  • Fliming in HD and editing - Our sister company has been producing videos for over 5 years and we have full edit Suites and Panasonic P2 HD professional Cameras and a portable green screen Studio.
  • Bespoke Product Design – Unlike many who just copy our designs, we are the pioneers and innovators of many unique designs – Don`t settle for poor imitations get the latest products and stay ahead of the curve.
  • All our own Work – We do not resell other companies mannequin hardware, everything you see here is designed and built by us, our innovative designs are the result of years of experience, technical know-how and the close relationship we have with our clients.