CrucialAV is not a startup with no knowledge – its founder has 34 years experience

See how the founder Geof Jones got to where he is today

Geof Jones

Geof Jones

Founder / Digital Solution Architect

Business Development & Innovation is what motivates me and the people around me. Applying my 23 years knowledge running my own businesses in the IT & Internet sectors has given me the leading edge in the Digital Signage arena over the last 5 years

I am passionate about every business large and small having the tools and solutions to make a difference to their business at an affordable price.

Unlike many people in the industry I have come across over the years - I am totally committed to strong, trusting and long partnerships with ethical people and businesses - I am not in it for the short term gain or for the quick buck. Honesty and integrity come first, the rewards will follow.

Below is a time line of my I.T. and Digital signage industry experience right back to 1980 when the Sinclair ZX80 burst on to the scenes to the current day and the creation of CrucialAV.

Started off programming and tinkering with electronics in 1980 at the age of 10, Started first business at the age of 19 – never looked back….

1980 - Programming Basic on the Sinclair ZX80

My Father was a lecturer at our school and started teaching after school classes in programming, later bringing that home to weekend as our home – from the first code to make the computer say “hello world” on the screen – I was hooked

1981 - Wrote my first "snake" game on the Sinclair ZX81

the ZX81 was so much more powerful boasting 1k of ram and my dad purchased the massive 16k upgrade packs – could do alot more

1982 - Linked the Sinclair Spectrum to a rowing machine

The spectrum was great for games (i was only 12 years old) – with a bolt on joystick port i started to tinker with code to read the interface of the joystick ports and then strapped a mini microswitch to the arm of the rowing machine, dismantled a broken joystick to link it all up and wrote a program to produce a metronome and show the rowing strokes per minute. You set your target Stroke rate and it set off an alarm if you dropped below it – Something my dad used regularly.

1986 - 1987 - Programmed in Cobol, Basic, Dbase & Pascal

Most of these programming languages are long gone now – but they set the core platform and logic for all the solutions available today – C+, Visual Basic, HTML

1987 - Work placement programming an ICL 2966 & George 2 Mainframe

I wrote some code in fortran to work out the day of the week for any given date for a payroll system used in banks. This mainframe was the size of a squash court and boast a then massive 8Mb Storage, the disk drives were the size of a car tyres and backed up to large 10″ tapes storing up to 140mb of data

1988 - 1989 - Setup, Sold and installed IBM & Amstrad PCW/PC’s

IBM brought out the PS/2 series and Amstrad the PC1512 PC – this transformed businesses and accounts, with spreadsheets and the first Microsoft word later came Networks from Sage and Novel – this is when computers really became a must for companies – I remember selling a PS/2 Model 60 Server with a 5Gb HDD for £16,000 – think about it the Ipod touch is more powerful than this now.

1989 - Made redundant - setup first I.T Business

The Mainframe costs cripped the business so cuts were made – Only 19 years old, I already knew what and where my future would be so I started my first I.T Company – a partnership with a colleague mate – everybody said partnerships dont work – 12 months on it was clear why – so I moved on and Setup Logiplex Computer Corporation in 1991 – trading from a box room in a building costing £25/week – grew to 7 staff and 2500sq foot offices and warehouse space.

1995 - Setup first Internet Service Provider in Herefordshire

Offering websites, hosting, domain names and dialup – wow dial-up how slow was that…. Loginet started selling Broadband but BT’s underhand business practices put pay to all the margins by cutting lines off to provide their customers service – the horror stories i could tell people , Backed by many Ex BT engineers…

1998 Invented the Step Aerobic board and Wrote to Richard Branson for investment

7 years before Nintendo brought out the Wii Fit balance board – I invented a Step Aerobic board to connect to a games console. As Richard Branson launched Virgin Active Gyms in 1998 I thought he might like to invest – There was interest but I saw the lack of any offer as a rejection letter and stupidly didn’t push harder.

2006 - Sold Logiplex (after 16 years operation) Still going today

Margins were being erroded, Supermarkets selling notebooks – I lost interest in all the work for little reward, it wasn’t fun anymore so I started to look for other interests

2006 - Setup Clikingo a Video production and streaming company

I saw the future was affordable video production and streaming video for all businesses – so I setup Clikingo – with a view to be a franchisor and recruit franchisees across the UK . The plan was sound but the team was flawed – I have to admit I messed up – so far ahead of the curve, it was a hard sell and ran out of money. Company is still running with videos and hosting but not really my key focus

2009 - Founded Vueinti Limited

When Clikingo strugged to convince companies to put video streaming off their websites, I looked at other ways to get these videos selling – so created the worlds first Digital leaflet dispenser – a 10″ screen build in to a stand with a leaflet holder – customers loved them. I soon realized digital signage was the way to go, I have been installing networks, and setting up computers for and working with electronics for 29 years. With the content knowledge gained with Clikingo – I knew what worked and what doesn’t in digital signage – Vueinti was born

2010 - Developed worlds first Virtual Nurse Mannequin

Created the worlds first virtual Mannequin Nurse for UCLH – promoting the use of hand gel to prevent the spreading of the Nora virus and germs – to great success

This was the start if a national rollout – already in many NHS trusts and growning

2012 - Developed unique lift off technology for Gucci

Created a Digital Point of Sale display for Gucci, with lift off triggers to reward the customer with a video related to the perfume picked up.  We developed prototypes in 9 days and delivered to P&G In Geneva. However as we were in a recession and unable to fund the high risk involved in the next stage and time frame of the project we had to walk away. Unfortunately our technology was reversed engineered by another company and 3 months later supplied Gucci – apparently they are now doing very well from it

As a result of this I promised that I would never lose the innovative lead or large deals again – as its happened too many times to me due  to lack of working capital over the last 23 years. Therefore in September 2012 we took on investment and became part of a traditional signage company in Bromsgrove.

2013 - CrucialAV formed

Crucial AV is the natural progression of my digital signage knowledge and my determination to provide the service my customers and partners should get without compromise – Enjoy …